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Richard Cayne, Bangkok – Offshore Investments Demystified

Offshore Investments Demystified

Many have examined offshore investments with a lot of skepticism and mostly remain unconvinced about their advantages. However, Richard Cayne of Bangkok’s leading financial consultancy goes ahead to explain how offshore investments can work for those looking to diversify their portfolio beyond average. Richard Cayne of Bangkok comments that while offshore investments seem expensive to set up and mostly beyond the reach of the average investor in terms of risk tolerance as well, they should not be completely struck off the list as potential investment vehicles. Herein, we shall take a look at the advantages that make offshore investments strong contenders for your portfolio.

One of the most compelling factors in favor of making offshore investments, according to Richard Cayne, Bangkok, is the range of diversification they offer. With access to international markets and major exchanges of the world, one has immense choice and flexibility at their disposal. This, coupled with the kind of confidentiality offered by offshore vehicles, makes it all the more appealing for high-profile investors. Richard Cayne of Bangkok goes ahead to explain that confidentiality and protecting the identity of the investors does not necessarily mean that illegitimate investments are encouraged, it essentially means that high-profile investors can target volume stocks of their choice, without having to worry about little investors following suit and running up the prices.

Richard Cayne of Bangkok says that another compelling factor that makes offshore investments lucrative is tax reductions. With many countries offering tax incentives to foreign investors in the form of extremely low tax rates or even tax-free investments, high-profile investors can look forward to optimizing their portfolio and build their wealth base in a completely legal manner. Also, with offshore investments being safe and confidential they are viewed as a means of protecting one’s assets.

Richard Cayne of Bangkok’s leading financial consultancy mentions that it is always advisable to do thorough research before deciding on where and how much to invest offshore. Taking the help of a financial consultant not only helps high-profile individuals comprehend the risks associated with such investments, but also understand how to mitigate the same. With different countries subjecting their foreign investors to a different set of laws, it may not always be easy as an individual to keep track and gain insight into the credibility of the same. Also, a professional advisor will further take interest in making sure that the investment turns out to be advantageous, as his/her own reputation is generally at stake in such situations.