Richard Cayne Meyer

Richard Cayne Meyer Top 3 Investment Objectives for Easy Decision-Making

While the importance of appropriate savings and investments could not be emphasized more in a day and age like today’s; however, before you think of investing your hard earned money anywhere, you should always bear in mind a few objectives. Richard Cayne Meyer mentions that whether you are a new investor or someone who has turned pro, sticking to these three investment goals and understanding their correlation will always help you make the right choices, no matter what the options promise.

The first and foremost goal that one should set for themselves before stepping into the world of investments is to ensure the safety of their money. While Richard Cayne Meyer says that complete security of investment is almost impossible, one can ensure that ultimate safety of investment is achieved by equipping yourself with knowledge and analysis. Not only should you be aware of the market you are investing into, you should also do thorough research regarding the vehicle you have chosen and the related terms and conditions. Richard Cayne Meyer further adds that you should always be aware of your risk appetite and evaluate your options accordingly, since the market rule dictates ‘higher yields for higher risks’ and vice versa.

The second objective to weigh your investment options against is income, says Richard Cayne Meyer. Considering that low risk investments offer lower yields, most individuals get lured in by the numbers and end up taking decisions that they regret in the long run. Therefore, Richard Cayne Meyer mentions it is very important to understand and gauge your risk appetite, so that you can opt for the highest yielding vehicle in the category. In case you are someone looking at a fixed, monthly sum, then maximizing returns cannot be a suitable objective. In fact, every investor should look to optimize their portfolio by striking the right balance between safety and income or risk and yield.

Last, but not the least, growth needs to be the final objective for anyone who is investing in funds, bonds, stocks, shares, securities, commodities or even real estate. Unless you are investing in the money market or have a very low risk appetite, the long-term growth of your investment should matter. You investment should not only strive to offer you a return that matches the inflation rate, but should surpass it and have the potential to offer better returns with each passing year, says Richard Cayne Meyer. Other secondary objectives to keep in mind include liquidity and tax minimization.

Richard Cayne is Managing Director of the Meyer Group of companies that is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd a London UK listed Financial Holding group.  Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd is listed on the ISDX stock exchange.