“While a possible recession is looming on the horizon and the crush of inflation can still be felt throughout the US, many investors might be well-advised to stay cautious of US stocks and bonds at the moment”, says Richard Cayne of Meyer International.

The Federal Reserve’s capacity to orchestrate a soft landing as officials work to reduce inflation by raising rates without causing a recession has been incorrectly given the benefit of the doubt by the stock market, which just ended its best month since November 2020.

Following the worst six-month start to a year since 1970, the S&P 500 increased by 4.3 percent for the week and by 9.1 percent in July.

 The Federal Reserve signaled that the rate hike pace may moderate later this year and stock gains exploded this week.

A total of 2.25 percentage points have been added to the central bank’s target rate so far in 2022, including 75 basis points this week.

Bond prices increased as well; 10-year Treasury rates ended the week at 2.65 percent, which is lower than their peak of 3.47 percent reached in June.

What to expect moving forward

Some of the largest hedge funds in the world have a gloomy outlook and predict declining bond prices as the Fed reduces its balance sheet, floods the market, and is compelled to raise interest rates further to contain inflation.

“We anticipate seeing a negative 2, negative 3 percent US GDP within the next six to nine months”, says Richard Cayne.

The US economy’s weakness may offer investors chances as other currencies are expected to strengthen versus the dollar.

 Investors should think about equities denominated in the euro, says Richard Cayne, despite the fact that Europe is anticipated to see a difficult winter as it deals with an energy problem brought on by Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.

 So far this year, the euro has lost nearly 10% of its value relative to the dollar.

 “Travel to areas with weaker currencies”, advises Richard Cayne. “Starting with the euro might be a smart idea.”

Richard Meyer Cayne

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