A sample of recent headlines quickly contradicts the adage that summer is a season of relative calm in the markets: Intenationl Mutual Funds2

• Growing political tensions over Russia’s support of pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine led to European Union and U.S economic sanctions against Russia on July 29, 2014, including action taken by the U.S. Treasury Department to limit access to U.S. capital markets by three major Russian banks: Bank of Moscow, Russian Agricultural Bank, and VTB Bank OAO.

• Accommodative monetary policies by Asian countries, assisted by higher-than-expected industrial production in South Korea in June, has contributed to a surge in Asian markets including Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, Japan’s Nikkei 225, Sydney’s S&P/ASX 200, and South Korea’s Kospi indices in July.

• Stronger-than-expected second-quarter U.S. GDP of 4% reported by the Federal Reserve on July 30, 2014 and robust consumer confidence have led to speculation regarding a possible rise in inflation and the Federal Reserve’s timing of an anticipated interest rate increase.

• Last-minute negotiations between creditors and Argentina’s government failed to resolve an impasse, and Argentina’s impending default on July 30, 2014 came to pass. The country is now obliged to pay holdout creditors who had refused to accept a restructuring of debt during a previous default 13 years earlier as Argentina fails to make interest payments on its current performing debt.

What conclusions can be made from these disparate events? At least one is the need to diversify in an environment of rapidly changing geopolitical and economic conditions. A way to do this is through international funds, which invest solely in foreign markets excluding the United States. In contrast, regional funds, which target specific parts of the world, can increase exposure to volatile markets.

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