mreitPurchasing real estate is more about finding a place to call home. Real estate investment has increasingly become popular over the last 5 decades, and it continues to soar. While the real estate market has plenty options and opportunities for making huge gains, purchasing and owning real estate is much more complicated that making an investment in stocks and bonds, and for that you’ll need advice from a reputable investment firm like Richard Cayne Meyer.

Real Estate Investment Groups

These are morelike smaller mutual funds for rental property. If you are looking to purchase rental property, but don’t want the throbs and hassles of being a landlord, real estate investment groups may be an option. A company builds or buys apartments, condos and the like, then allows potential investors to purchase them through the company, and with that joining the group. If you are looking for such an approach, services like Richard Cayne Meyer International can help you.

Real Estate Trading

This is the rough end of real estate investment. Much like day traders who are dimensions away from buy-and-hold investors, real estate traders on the other hand are a different entity to buy-and rent landlords. In the case of real estate traders; they purchase property with the intention of holding it for a shorter period of time, normally not more than a couple of months. And sell for profit. This method is also referred to as flipping properties, and is done by purchasing undervalued property or when the property market is hot. Flippers may not always put money into property improvement; their investment needs to have the intrinsic value of generating profit without making any alternations. Simply put, it is a short-term investment. Services like Richard Cayne Meyer can help investors know more about this type of investment.


Real estate dates back to cave-dwelling era and it comes as no surprise that Wall Street, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other global trading platforms have turned real estate into a trading instrument. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is used when a trust or corporation uses money from investors to buy and operate profit properties. Reputable and experienced real estate investment advisors like Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo can help steer you on course regarding this form of investment.

Bottom Line

These are just a few types of real estate investment as there are plenty more. Services like Richard Cayne Meyer International can give advice to potential investors on the various types of real estate investment options, as well as those that can yield huge profits. With real estate investment just as with any other investment, there is potential, but not assurance of gains. Make careful and calculated choices by weighing the pros and cons before diving in head first. More importantly you can seek professional advice from experts such as Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo.

Richard Cayne Meyer born in Montreal, Quebec Canada resides in Bangkok Thailand and runs the Meyer Group of Companies  Prior to which he was residing in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years and is currently CEO of Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd a London, UK Stock Exchange listed Financial Holdings Company.  Richard Cayne has been involved in the wealth management space in Tokyo Japan and has assisted many High Net worth Japanese families create innovative international tax and wealth management planning solutions. > Wealth Group.