One of the biggest threats that we face today is inflation and it is something that is seen around the world. Because of the sensitive nature of inflation, it is best to choose a financial consultant, such as Richard Cayne to help you safeguard your portfolio. However, here are a few things that you can do to help defend against inflation.

Reduce exposure to currency
One of the main things that Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo will advise is to reduce the amount of exposure that you have to currency. The reason for this is that currency has the ability to lose quite a bit of its value over a short period of time. Richard Cayne will help you to find other investments that will help diversify your portfolio without taking on extra currency exchange risk.

Precious Metals
Another area that you can invest in to help prepare for inflation is precious metals. This is another asset class that you can learn more about through the expert advice of Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Tokyo. One of the best inflation hedging assets to invest in is gold because of how well it performs during times of inflation. In fact, during some of the worst times of inflation, gold has outperformed many other stocks and investment opportunities. Richard Cayne will be able to provide you with more information regarding the risks around investing in Gold.

Hard Assets
Commodities are another area that Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Tokyo will suggest that you invest in. These are things such as oil and natural gas that can help protect your greatly against inflation. Usually as stock prices drop during a time of inflation, the value of commodities will rise. With the help of Richard Cayne, you will be able to find the best hard assets investments to build your portfolio when inflation hits.

Real Estate
The final area that is great for those looking to defend against inflation is real estate exposure. Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Tokyo will help you to determine the best real estate options. You will find that if currency purchasing power continuously erodes real estate and the above asset classes will outpace inflation or at least keep up with it. Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Tokyo is a well-positioned organization to help you manage this area of your portfolio.

You will find that there are many ways that Richard Cayne can assist you in building your portfolio so that you are protected against inflation. With the many years of experience that he holds as well as the unique tools that he has at his disposal, you will know that you are making the right decisions when it comes to building your portfolio.

Richard Cayne is a seasoned and experienced financial consultant who has been able to assist many families protect and grow the wealth that they have. With his assistance and the assistance of Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Tokyo, you will know that you are in the best hands possible and that your portfolio is sheltered from the many dangers that rising inflation can have on one’s portfolio.

Richard Cayne Meyer born in Montreal, Quebec Canada resides in Bangkok Thailand and runs the Meyer Group of Companies  Prior to which he was residing in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years and is currently CEO of Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd a London, UK Stock Exchange listed Financial Holdings Company.  Richard Cayne has been involved in the wealth management space in Tokyo Japan and has assisted many High Net worth Japanese families create innovative international tax and wealth management planning solutions. Wealth Group.