One of the most difficult things to understand when it comes to treasury yields is the reason that the rates rise and fall. This is something that Richard Cayne Thailand can help his clients understand on a more fundamental basic level.

There are many reasons that Treasury yields will fluctuate from time to time and Richard Cayne Meyer International Thailand has the experience necessary to make sure that his clients understand these reasons. When you understand why something changes, you will be better prepared for the future and this is something that Richard Cayne Thailand has quite a bit of experience with.

For starters, it is important to know how the US Treasury sells their treasury bills. Three months and six month treasury bills are sold on a weekly basis at an auction that is very competitive. They take place as an attempt for the Treasury to try and manage the debt of the federal government.

In order to determine the new prices of the Treasury Bills, supply and demand conditions at these auctions are taken into consideration. The exact prices and the treasury yields are then determined through a secondary market.

The interest rates of Treasury bills are affected because of a number of changes to key areas. For example, demand is an important thing to consider. When many people feel as though there is a risk with the financial market, investors may decide to switch over to Treasury bills instead, so that they are able to avoid some of these risks involved with other investments.

Supply is also a factor that Richard Cayne Thailand will encourage you to be mindful of. There have been many times when the supply of the Treasury Bills is limited because of the reduction that the government has put forth in regards to these securities.

Other issues may involve the economic condition of the world or country as well. It appears that the treasury yields tend to rise while businesses are expanding, but will fall during the time of a recession. This is also another area that Richard Cayne Meyer International Thailand will help you to understand.

The monetary policy that is currently in place due to the Federal Reserve will also influence the amount of treasury yields that can be expected as well. This will even affect short term treasury bills as well as long term options as well.

Finally, inflation is another item that will affect the treasury yields that can be expected. Richard Cayne Thailand will provide counseling in regards to understanding inflation as is very important when you are considering investing in treasury bills or any fixed income asset.

With his years of experience, Richard Cayne Thailand has put the knowledge that he has to good use and can reliably guide you through the minefield of fixed income investments as well as other asset classes.

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